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Why Lemon Pie?

Two simple things | Bridal Makeup Toronto

Why should you call us? Two reasons, both very different.

Every bride is unique. We will not only create the look you want, we will make sure it reflects those things that go far beyond the makeup. We will establish a bond with you first, and then work with you. This is about far more than bridal hairstyles and bridal makeup.

The other thing? Today’s technology changes rapidly. Lemon Pie has years of experience working in all aspects of the industry. We’ve done bridal hair and bridal makeup in Toronto for all types of photography as well as television and film. Weddings present a challenge in creating a look that looks beautiful in real life, yet translates well in photos and increasingly, on video. We’ll make sure you look your best in each and every way your day is recorded.

Lemon Pie | Bridal Makeup Toronto

Lemon Pie | Bridal Makeup Toronto


 The Process

Let us spoil you.

Your wedding day is the culmination of so much planning, so many details, but most importantly, it is the beginning of your marriage. In the midst of the whirl, we will pamper you. Where do we start?